Herne priory


Stat crux dum volvitur orbis.

Near a village named Herne, in the Pajottenland.

Near the village of Herne, in the Pajottenland, you may discover the listed priory ‘Old Cloister’. This building is  part of the most prominent historical sites of Herne: the former Carthusians Monastry. The domain consists of the old priory in Flemish Renaissance design, a long tithe barn, several annexes, and a delightful courtyard. The territory is completely walled.

The initial building dates back to 1716, the shed to 1704, and the condition of both has remained splendid. The main building has a habitable surface of +-320 square meters (3444 square feet) and possesses a large entrance hall with a gate to the drive-in avenue and another gate to the garden, an atmospheric kitchen, a dining-place with a hearth, and a living room with another fire place. A monumental staircase leads you to the first floor, with a grand landing and a salon/library, 5 bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet, and a staircase leads to the kitchen.  The romantic attic has an oak truss with a great dormer window and two openings with shutters installed sideways. The house holds ceremonial entrance gates, stone cross-windows and characteristic decorative courses.

The Old Cloister is located in a rural residential area. The remnants of the cloister have been classified as public treasures in 2003. The site the priory belongs to is considered a protected town scape.

The tithe barn encloses a grand open space with an entrance through two gates, underneath an oak truss. Two built-in stables. The barn partly has a polished concrete floor. Measurements: 35 metres long, 12 metres wide.

The domain measures 4117 metres, is fully enclosed by walls and the main entrance is accessed via the Kapellestraat while another entrance is the circumvent pathway Oud Klooster. On the south side of the main building a terrace is installed. The outbuilding features a baker’s oven.


1.260.000 €